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How Do Bike Rentals Work?

Bike rentals can be picked up from any of our locations and you can either pick hourly, daily or monthly options to rent from. We offer baby and kids attachments, tandems, hybrid bikes, road bikes, and electric bikes. Guests can make a reservation online and then head into our store to pick up their rental!

How Much Is A Bike Rental?

Prices start at as low as $17 and vary depending on duration and the type of bike that you would like.

Is Delivery And Collection Included?

No, there is an extra charge with delivery and collection. Please call us at 2127494444 if you have a special custom request.

​How Do I Rent A Bicycle?

You can either make a reservation on our website, or give us a call at 2127494444 where we can make a reservation for you.

How Are Bikes Delivered?

We can give you recommendations

Why Rent A Bike?

Biking is the best way to see the city! With everything you need included, you’ll be able to explore the city the best way possible- by avoiding the traffic and cars while being able to see the in and outs of all of the streets!

Do You Offer Road Bike Hire?

We offer road bikes- aluminum and carbon options for different sizes

Do You Offer Touring Bike Hire?

We do not have touring bikes

Do You Offer Mountain Bike Hire?

We do not have mountain bikes

Do You Provide Lockers At The Store?

While we do not have locked lockers at the store, we can hold some luggages and bags for you if needed at our location, with the recognition that our staff and company are not responsible for any lost valuables. We do not recommend leaving any valuables with us during your ride.

Do You Provide Discounts For Larger Groups?

If the group is 15+, please go through our Groups Department (link) or emailthem at [email protected] or call us at 2127494444

How Far Is Your Bicycle Rental Shop?

We have many locations (how far from what?) …..

What Do I Have To Bring With Me?

ID and Credit Card, and weather appropriate clothes

Can Cycling Rentals Supply Cycling Routes?

We can give you recommendataions of cycling routes to go

What Does Your Bicycle Rental Include?

Helmets, locks, baskets/bike bags, maps

Can You Put A Bike Rack On A Rental Car?

We do not have bike racks for cars available unfortunateley

What Happens If I Have A Mechanical Problem?

Please give us a call at 2127494444 if you have a mechanical issue during your ride

Who Do I Contact For Assistance On The Road?

Please give us a call at 2127494444!

Do I Need To Make A Reservation?

Reservations are highly recommended as we have limited numbers of bikes, and we are also trying to make the check-in process as seamless as possible.

Do You Also Rent Baby Seats, Child Trailers And A Tag-a-long, Kids Bikes?

Yes we rent all of those and can accommodate any kid over the age of 1

Will I Be Provided With Essentials Like Map Of The Park, Helmet, And A Chain Lock?

Yes you will

Can Cycling Rentals Collect Bikes From A Different Location To Delivery?

We can with an additional charge. Please call us at 2127494444 to set that up”