Everybody in New York speaks about: THE DUCK

Swarms of New York City locals, tourists and bird watchers have gathered at the shores of a Central Park pond since a mandarin duck was spotted there. The duck, which is native to East Asia, was first spotted on October 10.

Observers have crowded the shores of Central Park’s pond, hoping to get a glimpse of the colorful plumage and striking beak that sets the mandarin duck apart from your average mallard, and inspired its nickname, “hot duck” or “Mr. Mandarin”.

Mr. Mandarin disappeared for 2 weeks but then fortunately surfaced again. Normally this kind of ducks are found in China or Japan and not in the US, so how is this possible that Mr. Mandarin is in New York? Who knows. Also reports say that it didn’t come from any of New York’s four major zoos. So no matter where the hot duck comes from, we think it is very nice to look at.

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