Getting Healthy With Your New Electric Bike

Written by: Steel Masson

Electrically assisted bicycles, or electric bikes, are making cycle commuting possible for everyone. This comes at a time when many working citizens have started realizing the health benefits of active commuting as opposed to driving to work. As you probably know, cycling can improve your cardiorespiratory fitness and boost your psychological health.

But can electric bikes help you achieve the same health benefits as a conventional bike? The answer is yes. E-bikes might not be as effective as conventional bikes, but they are more effective in boosting your fitness levels compared to walking. And, of course, it is way better to ride a pedaling-assisted bike than to lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Electric bicycles are placed in the same category as regular bikes, so their registration processes aren’t too complicated. No license plates, no driver’s license, and no insurance. You just rent or purchase one at your local bike shop and ride it home; no questions asked. That makes them
more appealing than motorcycles.

That being said, here are 6 health benefits of riding an e-bike:

  1. It is low-impact, making it sustainable
    Everyone needs low-impact, low-intensity exercises. For bodybuilders, gym enthusiasts, long-distance runners, and other strength athletes who work out hard, transitioning from a high-intensity workout to zero activity, or vice versa, sometimes leads to torn muscles and other unwanted injuries. That is why they need low-intensity exercises, e.g. riding an e-bike, before or after an intense workout. For beginners, high-impact exercises such as running can wear you down or injure you, so you are forced to stop working out prematurely. You need a more sustainable activity such as an e-bike to help you ease into the exercise world. What’s more, motorized bikes aren’t as boring as other light exercises. They give you a pedal-assisted, effortless ride experience, it is more speedy, sustainable, and especially adequate for the demographic that is health-compromised from chronic illnesses, heart, and respiratory diseases.
  1. Boosts sleep

Just like conventional bikes, riding an e-bike and exploring nature can help you reduce stress, mediate your moods and emotions, and help you feel better. You are able to sleep better and fight insomnia as a result. So when you return home to your plant that uses led grow lights to stay healthy, you will feel blissful after riding your bike during sunlight. Bikers are less likely to wake up during the night compared to people whose only form of exercise is walking.

  1. They are good for cardio exercise

Riding an eBike is the cardio exercise you need to keep obesity, heart disease, and diabetes at bay. Although you are pedal-assisted, you still cycle and engage your whole body at it, and that is great for your cardiovascular health. You exercise your core, arms, and lower body, unlike driving where no body parts are exercised.

4. Encourages more cycling
Riding is fun, but it can be tiring. That is why not many people bike for long distances or on challenging terrains. With an e-bike, however, you are pedal-assisted so you are likely to push your limits a little further. You can ride for longer distances, get off the beaten path, and even cycle to work every day. Because you don’t sweat too much when riding an e-bike, you don’t even need to shower or change your clothes when you get to work.

5. It is a good confidence boost
There are many people who would love to exercise but aren’t too confident with their abilities, especially women and people in their fifties. They are intimidated by experienced bikers. Kids, on the other hand, might be reluctant to ride bikes for adults because of the fear that it could be more daunting. People recovering from surgery or a long illness can slowly start cycling again on an e-bike. All these groups need a little push, an e-bike, to boost their confidence in readiness for the real biking world.

6.They represent the future
The world is gravitating towards clean energy and other forms of energy conservation. Electric bikes fit that bill perfectly. They don’t use diesel or petrol, so they don’t contribute to climate change and global warming. And bearing in mind how costly petrol and diesel can be, e-bikes
preserve the environment and save you money. All you need is a conversion kit and a pair of affordable batteries to get your regular bike electric. These bikes will continue improving with time, becoming more and smarter, and that makes them very promising vehicles of the future.
Riding an electric bike is helpful in whichever way you look at it, particularly in terms of recreation and health. However, you need to invest in all the necessary biking protection gear when riding an e-bike. They can travel up to 25 to 45 km/h, which can be a little riskier than an ordinary bike.

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Electrical Bike vs. the Treadmill: Which Is Better for You?

Author: Steel Masson

In an attempt to stay healthy, people often attempt to use different fitness appliances. With numerous pieces of equipment in the market, it can be both difficult and confusing for you to choose from. This article provides you with information about electrical bikes and treadmills so that you can know what equipment best suits your fitness needs.

The right bike for you 

An electrical bike falls under the category of motorized bikes. A motorized bike is one that has a motorized bicycle kit and can have an electric engine or use gas. Also known as an e-bike, an electric bike is built to use an electric motor that makes bike-riding more adventurous. 

If you are looking for improved cycling equipment to help you with your fitness goals, this item offers a ton of benefits. Here are the factors you could weigh to determine whether it will work for you.

Does it promote fitness?

A recent study conducted by professors from the University of Basel in Switzerland revealed that an electric bike improves fitness significantly better than a regular bike. While an electric bike may be pedal-assisted, it enables exercise that would benefit you physically and mentally. You can also get one that is customized for physical activity purposes only. Another research study conducted by scientists from Brigham Young University also showed that e-bikes enhance cardiovascular and aerobic exercises significantly.

Is it cost-effective?

To begin with, an electric bike is affordable compared to a treadmill. Also, because it does not require diesel or petrol, with an e-bike, you will only require to buy batteries that can last about 18-50 miles after being recharged.

Is it beginner-friendly?

When you’re starting your fitness journey, it is good to start small then scale up. An e-bike would be good to start with because it offers you a chance to perform low impact workouts. This equipment helps you strengthen your lower body muscles reducing your risk of osteoporosis at old age. Moreover, it works best with people who are recovering from rehabilitative injuries.


Apart from riding them during the time you want to exercise, you use an e-bike to go to the office thereby enabling you to exercise for longer hours. Whether for a short ride or a long one, an electric bicycle will have your heart rate rise enabling you to stay healthy.

A treadmill also offers numerous benefits. Here the advantages of using this fitness equipment:


With a treadmill, you will never have to skip your physical activities because it is meant to be used indoors. You will never have to worry about working out during extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains or snow or even when there is a scorching sun. Additionally, a treadmill has been found effective for cardio exercises.

Improves bone density?

A treadmill will have an impact on your triceps, shoulders, abs, and obliques. By the end of the day, you will have strengthened your muscles and enhanced your bone density. Work done on your abs and obliques will leave your body toned and your stamina will be improved significantly.

Burns your calories?

A treadmill compared to an electric bike gets you more movements when exercising whether you run or jog on it. As a result, you will end up burning more calories in a short time. The secret is because this equipment is engaging you in physical activity and utilizing your core muscles.

Final thoughts

Depending on what your needs are, you will benefit immensely from these two items. If you have enough space in your home and have the budget for your fitness endeavors, you should go for the treadmill. However, if you are overweight, you may need an electric bike instead to shed off the extra pounds in a healthy and fun way. On a treadmill, you can easily fall if you are overweight resulting in serious injuries. But if you happen to be young and energetic, it will do wonders for your body.

On the other hand, an electric bike will not help you shed weight fast. However, if your physical activity goals revolve around staying fit, an electric bike will do the trick. This device enhances your mobility such that you can ride outdoors. Additionally, you can read a book or peruse a magazine while on the electronic bike. In case you are a senior citizen with a vested interest in keeping fit, you will not go wrong with this equipment. It’s also worth mentioning that both types of equipment are  Covid-19 friendly, as the electric bike will enable you to keep a safe social distance while enjoying the outdoors, whereas you can use the treadmill from the comfort of your home, keeping you safe from the possibility of getting infected.

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How to Spend Your Valentine’s Day This Year in New York City (2021)

(1) Take a Horse and Carriage Ride in Central Park!

Romantic and iconic, Horse and Carriage Rides are one of the most popular activities to do for Valentine’s Day around New York City. Guests can pick up a carriage from 59th Street and 6th avenue after reserving a time with Central Park Sightseeing. Carriages run from 10AM-4PM and 6PM-10PM as long as the weather permits. Short rides (15-20 minutes) and long rides (45-50 minutes) are offered.

Make this experience the most epic date for Valentine’s Day. Pair it with a nice dinner to top it off. Show your significant other

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For any inquiries and questions: [email protected], (212)749-4444

(2) Embark on a Valentine’s Day Romantic Cruise !

Take a cruise around the New York Harbor on Valentine’s Day. Get private seating, live music, and food/drinks all night! Get the best views of New York City while relaxing and enjoying the company of your significant other!

Board your cruise at 3:45PM and enjoy a 2 hour cruise around Lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, Battery Park, and both bridges!


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(3) Take a Staycation in New York – 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Want to treat you and your significant other to a perfect stayaction right in town? The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge just opened and its massive campus offers some of the best amenities that hotels in New York City have to offer. They are currently offering a Grow Your Love add-on package for an additional $150 that includes a bottle of Prosecco upon arrival, chocolate heart-shaped macarons and breakfast for two in bed. In addition, there are other offerings that include a couples spa for a facial, scrub, reflexology and champagne toast for $720.

For an even more lavish offer that includes astrology readings and sound bath, check out their Venus in 1 Package.

Like a Local | 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Check out the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge here!

Call 833.625.6111 to book a stay

(4) Book a trip for the future – Book a bike rental or tour for the spring!

It’s currently almost freezing in New York City- with very limited activities to do outside. There’s no shame in celebrating Valentine’s Day a little later this year! Book something for the spring – there are plenty of outdoor activities that would be a great date!

  • Take a Central Park Bike Rental and Picnic at Sheep’s Meadow: Unlimited Biking offers gift cards at the moment! Buy one and use it for the Central Park Bike Rental and Picnic package- where guests can choose between 3 picnic boxes: The Signature Box, The Vegetarian Box, and The Vegan Box on top of their full day bike rental. It’s the perfect date for when the weather gets a little warmer!
Central Park Picnic & Full Day Bike Rental 1

(5) Treat yourselves to a massage or spa date!

There are so many spa and massage options in New York City!

Why don’t you try one right outside of the City? Sojo Spa is right across the bridge in New Jersey, and offers some of the best views of the New York City high-line. With a number of massages to choose from, this spa has everything that you and your significant other would need:

I went to SoJo, the N.J. spa that's all over Instagram, and I have the  pictures to prove it -

Alternatively, experience the ambiance of an Ancient bath at Aire. Pick from one of their Valentine’s Day Packages here. Open every single day of the week until 9PM, it can be easily paired with a nice dinner before or after.

Ancient Baths New York | AIRE Ancient Baths New York

San Francisco: Top Things to do During COVID-19 Pandemic 2021

Ride across the Golden Gate Bridge

See San Francisco the best way possible- by bike! The Golden Gate Bridge is about 2.1 miles, and is one of the most scenic rides that the city has to offer. Pick up your bike from Unlimited Biking on Ghirardelli Square for just $20/day (SPECIAL DISCOUNT!) and head towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Pass through amazing sights such as the Presidio, Crissy Fields, Fort Mason, Palace of Fine Arts, and more. Ride all the way to Sausalito in under an hour, and spend the rest of the day riding around Sausalito, exploring the town, having lunch by the water, before heading back into San Francisco.

Unlimited Biking offers a variety of rentals including hybrid bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, tandem bikes, kids bikes, and kids attachments (including babyseats, tag-a-long attachments, and double trailers).

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Visit Golden Gate Park

Spend a day visiting Golden Gate Park, one of San Francisco’s gems – known to be larger than even Central Park in New York City. The 1,017 acres of public grounds houses top attractions such as the California Academy of the Sciences, Conservatory of Flowers, the deYoung Museum, Japanese Tea Garden, and San Francisco Botanical Garden. While some of them are temporarily closed given the ongoing regulations with the pandemic, the park itself is open for guests to visit. Available tickets are linked above!

You can walk or bike around Golden Gate Park!

Muir Woods

Muir Woods is another great, social-distancing friendly, outdoor activity! Bundle up and head north to Muir Woods National Monument. Entrance fees are just $15 and you can spend a whole afternoon walking through the incredible Red Wood Forest. Hours are 8AM-5PM.

It’s a great activity to do as a couple, with friends, and even with family. Get some fresh air, and some time in nature less than an hour away from San Francisco. Immerse yourself into the Planet of the Apes!

Pier 39

Pier 39 is open for business on Fisherman’s Wharf. If you’re visiting San Francisco for the first time, this is a must-do! Visit the infamous sea-lions that fill the pier with noise. If you’re at home, check out this live camera that takes you directly to the docks.

The pier is official open, with retail shops available, and additional outdoor seating available.

Beaches in San Francisco

Visit some of the beaches that San Francisco has to offer! Two must visits are Baker Beach and Lands End.

Baker Beach is the popular beach located right on the Presidio, with the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands. You can sunbathe, read a book, or even go swimming/surfing. It’s a great place for a nice sunrise while watching sea lions (hopefully!) and enjoying the nice sea breeze.

Lands End is one of the lesser-known beaches but has one of the coolest views. it is located behind the cliffs of Lincoln Park and can be reached by a short hike along a steep trail.

Find the Labyrinth for a nice a surprise!

Top 5 Things to do in Washington D.C. This Winter Season!

(1) Inauguration Day 2021

Mark your calendars! On January 20, 2021, the new commander-in-chief will be sworn in on the West Lawn of the U.S.Capitol. Tickets to the ceremony are completely free, but must be applied for by contacting your local official in the office of your Congress members. Community leaders and volunteers are usually given priority so please explain that if you have any experience!

There will be limited seats this year, so please sign up as soon as you can! If you are not able to get a ticket, the National Mall usually puts up large screens for spectators to watch.

When you’re in town, you can rent one of Unlimited Biking’s bikes to easily get around and avoid having to find parking! Helmets, locks, bike bags and maps are included with each rental.

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2021 Presidential Inauguration Tickets for Swearing-In & Inaugural Balls

(2) Segway or Bike Tour Around the National Mall

During your time in Washington D.C, as a local or a tourist, the Sites by Segway Tour and Monuments and Memorials Bike Tour offered by Unlimited Biking are unique and fun ways to see the different monuments, memorials and museums that the National Mall has to offer. Visit places such as the National Monument, World War II Memorial, Capitol Hill, Tidal Basin and more! You’ll roll into the best places that D.C. has to offer- in style!

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(3) Visit the National Christmas Tree!

Every night, at sunset, the National Christmas Treein Washington DC turns on and turns off promptly at 10PM Sunday-Thursday and 11PM on Friday and Saturday. While the tree lighting this year was not live, you can watch it online here!

The America Celebrates site is free to visit and open to the public December 1, 2020 through January 1, 2021. Hours are 10:00am-10:00pm Sunday through Thursday, and 10:00am-11:00pm Friday and Saturday.

National Christmas Tree - President's Park (White House) (U.S. National  Park Service)

(4) Visit the Holiday Markets downtown!

In front of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the downtown Holiday Market is an outdoor shopping village that is already currently open! It will run November 20th until December 23rd from 12PM until 8PM.Enjoy some roasted coffee, mini-doughnuts and more!

See here for more information.

Guide to DC's Downtown Holiday Market | Nov. 22-Dec. 23, 2019

(5) Artechouse-Crystalline: A Submerge

This experience is open until February 28. 2021, and takes viewer’s on an adventure around Pantone’s Color of the Year: Classic Blue. The color was selected as the “hue to sustain us during a time of change,” which is more applicable than ever.

ARTECHOUSE is open from Monday to Thursday from 12PM-8PM and Friday to Sunday from 10AM to 10PM. Please view here to get tickets.
ARTECHOUSE, 1238 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20024

Best Things to do in New York City This Winter 2020-2021

(1) Take a Horse and Carriage Ride Around Central Park 

One of the most iconic and romantic things to do this holiday season, take a Horse and Carriage Ride around Central Park. Ride past all of the major areas including Bethesda Fountain, Balto Statue, Bow Bridge, and more! Great for couples and families!

Central Park Sightseeing is offering short and long rides available for reservation here.

Operating Hours: 10AM-10PM


(2) Ice Skate at Rockefeller Center

One of the best activities to do around the holidays is ice skate in the rink at Rockefeller Center. Visit the shops in the center, the iconic Rockefeller Christmas Tree, and enjoy a meal in the nearby shops. Perfect for couples, families, and friends!

Book your ticket here.

Alternatively, if the Rockefeller rink is too busy, visit the Wollman Rink in Central Park, with spectacular views of the city.

Keep a look-out for one new build coming, the William Vale is building a rooftop rink that is coming soon!

(3) Visit the Dyker Heights Holiday Lights

The Dyker Lights are going up again! Started over 40 years ago, the hill between Bensonhurst and Borough Park, the neighborhood between 7th and 14th avenues, 65th street, and the Belt Parkway is famous for its Christmas Holiday decorations.

Enjoy a stroll around the neighborhood and feel the holiday spirit!

(4) Visit the Empire State Building

With brand new renovations, and a completely revamped experience, the Empire State Building boasts a world-class view of New York City. Visit during sunset – and see the sun go down along the Hudson River! As a fun-fact, the Empire State Building’s antenna gets hit by lightning roughly 25 times a year!

Book tickets here.

(5) Take an Online Cooking Class

Stay in the warmth of your home and develop one of the best skills one can learn for themselves- cooking! Check out Sur La Table, located right in Midtown Manhattan, and one of their virtual learnings for just $29!

With a constantly changing menu, pick from amazing dishes such as homemade lasagna, homemade tiramisu, holiday tamales, beef bourguignon and more!

(6) Drink Hot Chocolate or a Cocktail in an Igloo Bar

Head to 230 Fifth Avenue for some night time fun. See spectacular night views of the city, including the Empire State Building, all while enjoying a nice drink with friends or your loved one!

Open from 3PM-10PM.

(7) Take a Guided Bike Tour around New York City

Bundle up and take a guided bike tour around New York City! In one of the best ways to see Manhattan, join Unlimited Biking for a 3 hour guided bike tour from Harlem all the way down to the Brooklyn Bridge! Start from just north of Central Park, and get a ride through the iconic Central Park, down the Hudson River, past Times Square, Chelsea and Chinatown, all the way to Wall Street, ending at the Brooklyn Bridge location where guests can get cozy and rest up before maybe walking across the bridge.

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Unlimited Biking is Now Open in Washington DC!

Washington D.C is home to some of the most noteworthy historical sites in all of America, which are not only well-known but are also great places to start an adventure! Have you ever been on a Bike Tour in Washington D.C? If not, Unlimited Biking is a great place to start – not only do we provide bike and segway tours day or night, but we also have eBikes that’ll give your ride an extra boost!

On a guided tour with our experienced tour guides, you’ll be visiting fascinating places and maybe even stepping out of your comfort zone on this adventure. Our tours generally take place on sidewalks, bike paths, and trails so they’re perfect for the whole family! Join us on a ride that will give you a great historical overview of the city and learn about the major sites around the National Mall and Capitol Hill, including the Capitol Building, Supreme Court, Smithsonian Museums, World War II Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and many more.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get going on this incredible adventure. Call us if you have any questions, comments and or concerns at: 212-749-4444


A Tandem Ride for Two – Happy Valentines Day!

New York City may be one of the most romantic destinations in the world, which is why it is the perfect city to spend the day with your sweetheart on the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day! Except, the big dilemma remains every year: Where to go? What to do? What would make this year even more special?

For those with an adventurous heart, a bike ride along the Hudson River, Brooklyn Bridge and, of course, Central Park is a classic option to spend the day. With this wonderful warm winter we’ve been having, there is no better way to explore this lovely city has than by bike.

Of course, it is also about the stops, so here we have gathered some of the most popular spots couples visit on this amorous day:

  • the 2020 Times Square Valentines Heart, perfect for a selfie
  • the American Museum of Natural History’s annual event called “Romance Under the Stars” in its Hayden Planetarium
  • Ice Skating at Wollman Rink or Lasker Rink inside Central Park
  • Bow Bridge, an iconic proposal spot for many,
  • Bethesda Terrace in Central Park, or a meal at the Boathouse overlooking the Lake
  • The Empire State Building, for breathtaking views of NYC

As for sweet treats and chocolates to share and gift to your special someone, shops like The Sweet Shop, Li-Lac Chocolates, Mariebelle, M&M’s World, Max Brenner and Hershey’s Chocolate World are great stops for a lively sugar rush!

At Unlimited Biking we equip you with all you’ll need to sweep ‘em off their feet on this very special day, so don’t forget to stop by to grab your ride, or give us a call at 212.749.4444 to book in advance for this sweet day!

Best Things To Do In Central Park – Holiday Edition!

As the most-visited attraction in the most-visited city in the western hemisphere, it’s easy to forget that Central Park was originally created as a place of serenity, tranquility, and relaxation. The vast majority of New York’s 65 million annual visitors come during the warmer months, when the park overflows with excitement and activity. For that reason, the winter is when it truly lives up to its full potential as a natural oasis, 843 acres of majestic, pastoral earth, living in direct contrast to its surroundings: the around-the-clock whirlwind of steel, glass, and humanity known as Manhattan. 

This is not at all to say winters in Central Park are dull. Still at the core of the Big Apple, the city’s signature buzz doesn’t end at the park’s borders. The winters are simply when the landscape’s peaceful beauty fuse best with the inspirational hustle and bustle New York is so famous for. Many have seen the tranquil images of a fresh snowfall over cobblestone bridges, hills, and frozen ponds. But not everyone knows about how much fun the park can be during the colder months. Below is a list of our favorite things to do this winter in Central Park:

  • Visit the Central Park Zoo. The winter sees reduced fares, and is the liveliest time for the sea lions, seals, and snow leopards. You can feed a penguin or head to the children’s zoo to see the only cow in Manhattan. The nearby Delacorte Clock plays holiday carols and features bronze statues of animals playing instruments
  • Go rock climbing. While scaling the boulders in the North Woods or Rat Rock near the park’s southern entrance, you’ll forget you’re in the middle of a big city and feel like you’re in an arctic tundra
  • Visit the Arthur Ross Pinetum, a four-acre arboretum with 17 varieties of winter trees, designed for New Yorkers of the 1800s to feel like they entered the center of an evergreen forest
  • Go cross-country skiing with skyline views. The most popular areas are the bridal path, Great Lawn, and Sheep Meadow. Skiis can be rented nearby at sporting goods stores such as REI and Paragon
  • Sign up for an Amazing Race-style Scavenger Hunt Adventure. With two route options and smartphone assistance, the park can transform into a giant, fun-filled, educational board game

  • Recreate scenes from classic Central Park wintertime movies: Elf’s snowball fight at Pinebank Arch, Home Alone’s Pigeon Lady scenes at Gapstow Bridge, Sheep Meadow or Tavern on the Green for Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and for the skating scenes in Serendipity or Love Story, you can go…
  • Ice skating: Choose Lasker Rink in the north for a more relaxing experience with views of the Harlem Meer and North Woods, or Wollman Rink in the south for more convenient access to midtown and dramatic views of the city skyline
  • Enjoy the music of Central Park without the big crowds. Whether it’s choral performances below Bethesda Terrace, Beatles sing-a-longs at Strawberry Fields, or one of the many buskers stationed throughout the park (the saxophonist near the Balto statue is exceptional), there is no shortage of sweet sounds.
  • Go birdwatching. The ramble is home to 275 varieties of migratory birds and winter is the perfect time for spotting Downy Woodpeckers, Song Sparrows, American Robins, and the incredibly rare Eastern Screech Owl. December 15th is New York’s annual Christmas bird count, while birdwatching tours happen throughout the week
  • Build a snowman. Build a whole snow family. Make snow angels. New Yorkers, especially on Sheep Meadow and the Great Lawn tend to get creative with their snow creations

  • Go shopping. Columbus Circle Holiday Village, The Dairy Visitor Center, and the vendors along 59thstreet are all popular options. For $10,000, you can buy a small piece of NYC real estate in the form of a park bench with a personalized plaque inscription
  • Go to the Winter Jam Festival in January, a free annual sports festival featuring snowboarding lessons, curling, ice bowling, dodgeball, a Doggie Snow Zone, and a heated reading room. Equipment is provided at no cost
  • Check out the brand new Landforms exhibit at the Charles A. Dana discovery center to learn about the park’s geological foundations, archaeological history, and how its rocky terrain shaped the outcomes of The Revolutionary War and the War of 1812
  • Attend the 23rd annual Holiday Lighting Festival on December 5th. This joyous event combines cookies, cocoa, Christmas carols, a cameo from Santa Claus, and a flotilla of trees on the Harlem Meer
  • See the city from the highest point of the park, Belvedere Castle. The winter months offer the clearest, unobstructed views of the West Side’s iconic Art Deco and Renaissance Revival apartments, the East Side’s stunning museum mile, the uptown and midtown skylines, along with the official weathervane for the city of New York
  • Enjoy a plethora of options for chowing down. The winter months offer a significantly more relaxed dining experience at Central Park institutions The Boathouse, Tavern on the Green, and The Met’s Dining Room. Inside the park, you’ll find a multitude of food carts offering everything from Belgian Waffles to Colombian Coffee. There are also countless restaurants alongside the park with breathtaking views
  • Beat the cold by staying active. The tennis courts, basketball courts, and bike lanes are open year round. Winter is the perfect time for discovering one of the many spectacular jogging loops in the park. There’s a reason the largest marathon in the world happens to end here. The New Years Eve 4k run through the park is legendary

Like any public park during any season of the year, fun and relaxation are the main priorities for its visitors. Central Park is no different. What makes it different is that it’s in the middle of a city with over 800 languages spoken on any given day, a world capital for culture, media, commerce, entertainment, research, art, and technology, the home of the United Nations, the birthplace of Rockefeller, Roosevelt, Remy Ma, and the rollercoaster. The city so nice, they named it twice. 

The point is that something as simple as sitting on a park bench and watching people pass by has a high likelihood of becoming magical. Some would call it the most beautiful park in the world. Few would disagree that it’s the most different from its surrounding environments. This is especially true in the winter, when the large crowds are replaced by snow-covered countryside, and it becomes again what its designers intended on creating: A patch of nature for New Yorkers to escape to, for serenity, tranquility, and relaxation. Plus, it’s fun!


Five Best Locations to Bike in New York City

Even New Yorkers who were born and raised in the concrete jungle will admit that sometimes they, too, feel like tourists in their own city. Every corner turned reveals endless possibilities — broadway-worthy street performers, five-star quality meals compacted into tiny food trucks, unique characters that you wouldn’t believe existed unless you saw them for yourself. Walking through New York is an adventure in itself. Now imagine how the possibilities multiply when a bike is involved! Many neighborhoods in New York are extremely bike-friendly, even having their own designated lanes. We compiled a list of some of the best biking spots in New York City that both expert riders and beginners could enjoy.

1.) Hudson River Greenway

We want to start off this list with the one, the only, Hudson River. This 11-mile bike route is one of the most popular biking destinations in New York and with good reason. The scenic landscape over the glistening river waters creates a spectacular juxtaposition alongside the iconic city skyscrapers. This location is greatly enjoyed and preferred by beginner riders since the entire trail has a designated bike path, meaning you will not ride on the street or encounter any cars along the way. The bike trail includes a two-lane path, allowing cyclers to ride back and forth as they please. A must-see along the Hudson River Greenway is Riverside Park, one of New York City’s most notable waterfront parks. This park is great for instagram-worthy photoshoots, soaking in the sun and taking in the magnificent view from all angles. We also encourage our travelers to visit the Intrepid Museum located right on the water of the Hudson River. This fascinating museum holds some of the most historically substantial American military and maritime artifacts and exhibitions.

2.) Battery Park

The entire 11-mile Hudson River Greenway bike route may be overwhelming to beginner travelers. It is nearly impossible to take in all of the attractions at once so, we recommend our travelers to split up the route over a two-day span. Battery Park is located at the southern tip of the Hudson River Greenway and offers its own day’s worth of adventure. There are many stops along the bike route that we highly recommend seeing such as the Highline, Statue of Liberty and the Wall Street bull!

3.) Central Park

Central Park is a no-brainer destination in New York City, on bike or foot. With a 6-mile perimeter around the park, there is plenty to see and do. Lay in the green lawn of Sheeps Meadow while taking in the breathtaking landscape of the surrounding city. A short trip away leads you to the remarkable architecture of the Bethesda Terrace which lies parallel to the Bethesda Fountain, a popular location for wedding shoots, graduation pictures and various movie scenes! Joining one of our Central Park Guided Bike Tours is a great way to learn about all of the famous landmarks hidden away in the tremendous park. You will be able to see all of the major sightseeing points in the park as well as other hidden gems, all led by one of our beloved local guides. 

Rent bikes at our Central Park Location!

4.) Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most popular biking routes we offer at Unlimited Biking. The must-see scenery overlooks the East River and the city landscape, making it a highlight spot for photos. The bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn so you can explore both boroughs in just a few hours. With a distance of a little over one mile, the Brooklyn Bridge bike route is perfect for beginners. After riding the Brooklyn Bridge, make sure to explore the neighborhood of Dumbo full of unique art galleries, delicious NYC style pizza, and incredible architecture.

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5.) South Street Seaport

Last, but certainly not least, is the South Street Seaport district along the East River of lower Manhattan. The Seaport district is a buzzing hub that highlights New York City’s vast culture but also commemorates the area’s significant and fascinating history. Enjoy the sight of some of the oldest architecture in downtown Manhattan, an astonishing view of the Brooklyn Bridge and a leisurely ride along the bike lane on the boardwalk. As a central point for entertainment, shopping, and cuisine, South Street Seaport is definitely not a destination you want to miss!

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