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The Do’s and Don’ts of Opening a Bike Shop

The bicycle boom that occurred during the coronavirus pandemic has shown no signs of slowing down. According to a research report published by the NPD Group, the bicycling industry is a $5.3 billion business, up 65% in the 12 months ending July 2021. And as people look to readjust to normal life, bicycles are proving to be a reliable, and fun, way to get around and avoid public transit. 

At Unlimited Biking, we are ready to help you capitalize on this moment. 

Do: Be Results Oriented

When it comes to riding a bike, it’s all about having fun. When it comes to owning a bike shop, you have to remember that you are running a business. It’s important to have an entrepreneurial spirit as you build your business. Understand your market and what they are looking for as you build community: are they entry- or beginner-level riders looking for more ways to stay active? Do you live in a community where road cyclists or mountain bikers could use a full-service bike shop?

Don’t: Feel like you have to put your whole business plan together on your own

At Unlimited Biking, we’ve spent 10 years building our business and our brand, and now we’re ready to forge new paths with franchises across the United States and beyond. As an Unlimited Biking franchise owner, you’ll have access to:

  • Support Before Openin

A blueprint and guide for a smooth build-up and opening

  • Marketing Support 

We take care of the marketing so you can build the business

  • Unmatched Training 

We provide the training and operations to ensure positive brand recognition

  • Retail Support  

We provide planning and resources to open your retail location 

  • Real Estate Acquisition 

We assist in lease negotiations if needed

  • Launch Support 

Additional training, marketing support, social media, phone banks, and more services to help franchisees be successful on opening day and beyond.

Do: Make sure you have a credit score of 700+

Like anyone opening a business, a healthy credit score is necessary. This is to protect your personal assets and financials as you build out your operations. It also means lower interest rates and larger credit lines so you can manage day-to-day expenses, hire staff, purchase inventory, and invest in the assets you need to expand. 

When you open a franchise with Unlimited Biking, expect access to:

  • Financial services

Unlimited Biking helps out with loan processing by connecting you to our SBA network and preferred financiers.

  • Point-of-sale capabilities

We’ll set you up with our POS system and GTS systems, making it easy for people to book direct with you

  • A real estate team

Our real estate team will work with you to make sure your franchise is in the right area and matches our site criteria.

Do: Put hospitality best practices first

At Unlimited Biking, we aren’t just a bike share company. We are a bike people company. We’ve built the technology infrastructure that people need to enjoy, and explore, every city by bike.

Hospitality is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to provide exceptional experiences for our customers. We are committed to helping people explore and enjoy the city they’re in, and to leave with a positive impression of the Unlimited Biking brand with our high-caliber bikes, fun guided tours, and the welcoming, helpful way we assist customers in person and on our app.

Don’t: Search for your own bike inventory

With Unlimited Biking, we offer discounted rates on top-performing bikes and equipment from Cannondale. As an Unlimited Biking franchise owner, you’re given access to world-class customer service and set-up with Cannondale. 

Do: Get excited about a profitable future

There’s never been a better time to open your Unlimited Biking franchise. Get started today!

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