Famous Movies and Series Spots in New York City!

Welcome to New York City the city of stars, movies and series! If you are a big fan of cinema and movies this blog post is perfect for you! Let’s go explore together all the famous locations in New York by bike! Do more in less time with Unlimited Biking bikes!

In the movie the little Kevin McCallister is alone and lost in New York while his parents are in Florida. Kevin reserve a room at the Plaza Hotel and visit Central Park.

– Plaza Hotel: 768 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019

– Central park

– Upper West Side

Sex and the City is one of the most known series in the world! You can see multiples spots and areas of New York in the series but also in the movies such as:

– Central Park Boat House: Park Drive North, E 72nd St, New York, NY 10021

– Plaza hotel

– Columbus Circle: 848 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019

– New York Public Library: 476 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Gossip Girl is a very famous series that is filmed in New York City. The story is very focused on young students and their lives in the city. If you are a fan of the show you have to come to New York and see all the locations of the series!

– Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

– Bethesda Fountain

– Palace Hotel: 455 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022

– Upper East side

– MET Museum: 1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028

– Dumbo

“HIMYM” for the huge fan, is taking place in NYC. This series is very focused on friendship and fun. This series started in 2005 and ended in 2014!

– MacLaren’s in the series is actually a real place called McGee’s.

240 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019

– Columbia University: 116th St & Broadway, New York, NY 10027

– Empire state building: 20 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001

– Central Park

– American Natural History Museum: Central Park West & 79th St, New York, NY 10024

– Corner Bistro: 331 W 4th St, New York, NY 10014

Friends is the most famous series in the world, it started in 1994 and ended in 2004. The series has 10 seasons and 236 episodes!

– Solow Building: West 57th street

– Plaza Hotel

– Bloomingdale’s: 1000 Third Avenue 59th Street and, Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022

– Friends Apartment on 90 Bedford Street at the corner of Grove Street in Greenwich Village

– The Pulitzer Fountain: 764 Central Park S, New York, NY 10019

Stuart Little is a family comedy created in 1999 based on E. B. White’s novel. This movie is about a small mouse called Stuart. Stuart is not like the regular mouse because he can speak with humans. The film was directed by Rob Minkoff.

– Central Park Conservatory Water: E 72nd St, New York, NY 10021

King Kong is a giant gorilla monster. He appeared for the first time in 1933. Another remake of the original, was released in 2005 by filmmaker Peter Jackson.

– Empire State Building

Ghostbusters is a supernatural comedy from 1984, directed and produced by Ivan Reitman. It stars Bill Murray, as quirky parapsychologists who are launching a ghost hunting business in New York. Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis are in the film and appear as co-stars. Ghostbusters was released on June 8, 1984 and received very good reviews. He has brought in more than $ 300 million worldwide.

– Ghostbusters Firehouse: 4, N Moore St, New York, NY 10013

– Tavern on the green: Central Park West & 67th Street, New York, NY 10023

– Columbus Circle

– New York Public Library

– Rockefeller Center: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10111

Night at the Museum is a 2006 fantasy comedy directed by Shawn Levy and based on the 1993 children’s book of the same name. The film stars Ben Stiller as night watchman at the American Museum of Natural History in New York and discover that statutes and other animals on display become animated at night thanks to a magic Egyptian artifact. The film reported more than 600 million dollars.

– American Natural History Museum

The Avengers is a superhero movie based on the Marvel Comics superhero team produced by Marvel Studios. The film was written and directed by Joss Whedon. In the film, the director of the S.H.I.E.L.D., recruits Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor to form a team that must prevent Loki, to destroy the Earth. The marvel films are very popular and bring back hundreds of millions of dollars every year. You will find below more places where the film was shot in New York.

– Central Park Reservoir

– Bethesda Fountain

– Grand Central: 89 E 42nd St, New York, NY 10017

 Time Square: Manhattan, NY 10036

Directed by Gary Ross in 2018 the film is both a continuation and a spin-off of Steven Soderbergh’s trilogy Ocean. The film follows a group of women planning a robbery at MET GALA.

– Plaza Hotel

– MET Museum

An American superhero movie directed in 2002 by Sam Raimi, based on the character of Marvel Comics Spider-Man. Peter Parker is a high school student living in New York, leading a double life as a superhero. This super hero is world famous thanks to the city of New York which allows the hero to become the emblem of the city against criminals. Find all the locations and spots below:

– Columbia University

– Staten Island Ferry: 4 South St, New York, NY 10004

– Flatiron Building: 175 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

– Rockefeller Center

– Time Square

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Architecture on Wheels

Central Park may have an overwhelming number of sights to see, but if history and architecture are your biggest passion you should definitely do the Architecture on Wheels Bike Tour with Unlimited Biking.

Led by an architectural historian, this tour features an in-depth exploration of Central Park’s architectural wonders, highlighting its symbolic and artistic elements. You’ll learn about the history of the landscape that shaped the design of the Park.  So if you ask yourself if Central Park is man-made? All the lakes and ponds in the Park contain water no different from your kitchen sink or bathtub. So it can be turned on and off. Central Park is designed to improve the public health and water features were a key component.

The Architecture on Wheels Bike Tour is perfect for people who wish to have a greater understanding of the era in which the park was constructed and those who have influenced its structure.

After years of debate over the location, the park’s construction finally began in 1857, based on the winner of a park design contest, the “Greensward Plan”, of Frederick Law Olmsted, the park superintendent, and Calvert Vaux, an architect. Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux beat out 32 competitors. The open contest was very specific: It had to have a parade ground, a principal fountain, a lookout tower, a skating arena, four cross streets, and a place for an exhibition or a concert hall. Olmsted and Vaux seamlessly designed a naturalistic landscape hitting all those notes: Sheep Meadow, Bethesda Fountain, Belvedere Tower, the lake, and the sunken traverse roads in the park’s center.

This sound interesting? If you want to know more, join us for a historic look of this beautiful park and its iconic landmarks amid modern Manhattan.

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In English: 

You want to discover Central Park but you don’t know how to do it? The park is too big it would take too long to see everything on foot! Moreover, you don’t know the right places to visit and you are afraid to get lost in this huge park!

The best solution is Unlimited Biking! Discover the park by bike with a tour guide! The visit lasts 2 hours and you can explore the best places in the park while learning more with your guide along the way. During your visit you will be able to admire these different world-famous places:

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The Mall and Literary Walk is the largest walkway and right-hand driveway in the park with its century-old trees. Just a quick note, the metal plates on the ground and on the benches cost $10k. This donation is then used for the renovation and proper maintenance of the park.

Bethesda Fountain and Terrace, the arcades under the terrace were under renovation for 14 years, the ceiling is completely renovated and inspired by the Alhambra in southern Spain in Andalusia. The angel in the centre of the fountain honours the water that falls from the sky and which at the time provided the city with water.

Cleopatra’s Needle, the 21m high Egyptian obelisk created under the reign of Thutmes 3, contains in its base documents of importance to the American people: Bible, amendments and a secret chest. The obelisk also has a twin in London.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum are located on the eastern side of the park, they are art museums known worldwide for their architecture and the artists they represent. A must visit! With Unlimited Biking you can lock your bikes and visit museums easily.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir is an old reservoir that used to provide the city with a water supply. It has not been in service since 1993.

Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre is a gift made by Sweden to New York City in 1877.

Strawberry Fields is a place created by the City of New York to honour John Lennon, a former member of the Beatles who died on December 8, 1980.

Sheep Meadow is a vast grassy area where New Yorkers come to sunbathe and picnic in summer! (PS: the view is sublime) A little information, this area used to be home to sheep!

If you want to know more about these places and visit the park for yourself, you are welcome to visit our New York shops.

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Some additional information about Central Park:

  • The park is totally artificial and was created on ancient swamps and rocks.
  • The park was created in 1857 by Olmsted and Vaux, great American landscape gardener.
  • The creation of the park took about 20 years with 200,000 workers day and night.
  • 500,000 trees were planted during its construction.
  • There are about 37 million visitors per year.
  • The park has 36 bridges.
  • 200 million dollars are invested each year and 25,000 employees work for the park.
  • Several films and series have been shot in the park: Avengers, Spider Man, Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Vanilla Sky, Stuart Little, etc…

Unlimited Biking

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En Français : 

Vous avez envie de découvrir Central Park mais vous ne savez pas comment faire ? Le parc est trop grand cela prendrait trop de temps à pied pour tout voir ! De plus vous ne connaissez pas les bons endroits à visiter et vous avez peur de vous perdre dans ce parc immense !

La meilleure solution est Unlimited Biking ! Découvrez le parc à vélo avec un guide touristique ! La visite dure 2h et vous pouvez explorer les meilleures endroits du parc tout en apprenant plus grâce à votre guide tout au long du chemin. Lors de votre visite vous pourrez admirer ces différents endroits mondialement connus:

Réservez votre visite guidée a vélo de Central Park sur notre site web : Cliquez-ici !

The Mall and Literary Walk c’est la plus grande promenade et allée droite du parc avec ses arbres centenaires. Petite information, les plaques en métal au sol et sur les bancs coûtent 10k$. Cette donation est ensuite utilisée pour la rénovation et le bon entretien du parc.

Bethesda Fountain and Terrace, les arcades sous la terrasse étaient en rénovation pendant 14 ans, le plafond est totalement rénové et s’inspire de l’Alhambra dans le sud de l’Espagne en Andalousie. L’ange au centre de la fontaine honore l’eau qui tombe du ciel et qui à l’époque permettait d’approvisionner la ville en eau.

Cleopatra’s Needle, l’obélisque égyptien de 21m de haut créé sous le règne de Thoutmosis 3 renferme dans son socle des documents importants pour le peuple américain : Bible, amendements ainsi qu’un coffre secret. L’obélisque dispose par ailleurs d’une jumelle à Londres.

Le Metropolitan Museum of Art et le Guggenheim Museum se trouvent du côté Est du parc, ce sont des musée d’art mondialement connu notamment pour leurs architectures et les artistes qui y sont représentés. A visiter absolument ! Avec Unlimited Biking vous pouvez cadenasser vos vélos et aller visiter les musées facilement. 

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir est un ancien réservoir qui permettait à la ville autrefois d’être approvisionné en eau. Il n’est plus en service depuis 1993.

Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre est un cadeau fait par la suède à la ville de New York en 1877.

Strawberry Fields est un endroit créé par la ville de New York en hommage à John Lennon ancien membre des Beatles mort le 8 décembre 1980.

Sheep Meadow est une vaste zone d’herbe où les new yorkais viennent bronzer, pique-niquer en été ! (PS : la vue est sublime) Petite information, cette zone abritait autrefois des moutons !

Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur ces endroits et visiter le parc par vous même vous êtes les bienvenus dans nos boutiques New-Yorkaises.

Réservez votre visite guidée a vélo de Central Park sur notre site web : Cliquez-ici !

Quelques informations supplémentaires par rapport à Central Park :

  • Le parc est totalement artificiel et fut crée sur d’ancien marécages et roches.
  • Création du parc en 1857 par Olmsted et Vaux, grand paysagiste américain.
  • La création du parc a mis environ 20 ans avec 200 000 travailleurs jours et nuit.
  • 500 000 arbres ont été plantés pendant sa construction.
  • Il y a environ 37 millions de visiteurs par an.
  • Le parc compte 36 ponts.
  • 200 millions de dollars sont investis chaque année et 25 000 employés travaille pour le parc.
  • Plusieurs films et séries ont été tournées dans le parc : Avengers, Spider Man, Sex and the City, Gossip Girl, Vanilla Sky, Stuart Little, etc…

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Make NYC your Personal GYM

You’re not interested in a gym membership, but you want to workout anyway? Not in a small building with 100.000 other sweaty people, but outside in the fresh air? So we have the best solution for you. You don’t have to join a gym to be physically active. Instead, make NYC your gym by taking advantage of everyday opportunities to increase physical activity. For example, walk or bike to work or school or to run errands. Take public transportation and get off a stop or two before your destination and walk the rest of the way. Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator.  Or – even better – take advantage of our Unlimited Biking services.

You can rent a bike for a couple of hours or also for the whole day. With the bike you can explore the city and its beautiful sights. You will be so much faster with the bike and that’s why you can explore so much more!

But you can also do a Unlimited Biking guided bike tour with our fully-licensed tour guides. We offer the guided tour in different languages: English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin for a more comprehensive touring experience.

One of our most popular tours is the DELIGHTS OF BROOKLYN BIKE TOUR that highlights such iconic historical landmarks as the Lower East Side Tenement Building now a thriving area of downtown, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a historical monument of New York City’s ship building history and the ever-changing Williamsburg area. Ending with an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline. Come and explore lower Manhattan on two wheels. The DELIGHTS OF BROOKLYN BIKE TOUR takes 2 hours and shows you all the highlights you definitely need to see. So remember to bring your camera! There will be spectacular views in all directions from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. On this tour you will also see the entire New York Harbour including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Staten Island, the port of Brooklyn and several miles of the New Jersey coastline.

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Electric and pedal assist bikes: the latest fad or here to stay?

In English: 

Electric bicycles are gaining in popularity and it looks like they are here to stay! The growing popularity of electric bicycles allows them to develop very quickly in our modern cities. Even the most dedicated hipster fixie bike cannot deny the growing number of the worldwide sales of electric bicycles. Holland, a country already known for using bicycles as its main means of transport, has seen a huge increase in the number of electric bicycles on the roads. In 2009, Dutch bicycle shops saw sales of electric bicycles exceed those of standard bicycles. In order to understand the future of electric bicycles, it is also very important to understand the bicycles themselves. In general, electric bicycles come in three different styles: engine assist, pedal assist and electric accelerator.

The engine assist is a combination of the three styles, it allows the user to engage the engine to give more power to the pedal, to accelerate without pedalling, to disengage the engine and to ride only with the power of the legs.
Pedal assist is the most widespread system and seems to be becoming the most popular. The pedal assist system engages the electric motor only to help the pedals to give power. Most pedal assist kits and bicycles offer the user different levels of assistance by the electric motor. Pedal assist systems offer a smoother transition from traditional pedal-only bicycles to pure acceleration bicycles, which is indicative of their popularity. Users can still feel the benefits of reaching their destination with their own pedal power, with a little extra help. In addition, most systems are designed with a removable battery pack for easy charging, and the actual motor is located either in one of the wheel hubs or in direct connection with the drive system.

The growing electric bicycle market influences all aspects of cycling. E-bike options are increasing as major bicycle manufacturers, such as Trek and Giant, enter the e-bike market. For many, electric bicycles offer the opportunity to have fun, commute to work and visit new places. Not everyone is an athlete and many live in places where geography does not lend itself easily to cycling. Electric bicycles have the potential to open up recreational and utilitarian cycling to a much larger population, such as a person who dreams of commuting to work, but who simply does not have the physical fitness or has too many hills to get there. Many parents who would like to take their children for a bike ride are intimidated by the idea of pulling a children’s trailer by bike.

I think we will see more and more people riding electric bikes around the world over time, because electric bikes are not a threat to traditional bikes. According to the reports, it is expected that by 2023, 34 million electric bicycles will be used in the metropolitan transport landscape. In Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, electric bicycles are widely used to preserve the ecological balance of the environment and avoid increased pollution of vehicle engines. Electric bicycles also support the desire to solve the congestion problems resulting from increasing urbanisation. In addition, electric bicycles, used in Western Europe and North America, are also an innovative trend, especially among the youngest. Electric bicycles are seen as a more practical alternative in terms of urban mobility. The increasing use of high-quality and affordable lithium-ion batteries is making a significant contribution to market trends in the promotion of electric bicycle models. The increase in the number of users also increases safety rules to protect cyclists in cities and other regions. As a result, concerns are rising sharply about simultaneous urban planning needs, such as public transit systems, traffic lanes and traffic lights, particularly for electric cyclists. In the United States, it would be increasingly useful to inform citizens about the importance of renewable energy for a cleaner and healthier environment, not only for the people of that generation, but also for future generations who will inherit the earth.

Unlimited Biking

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En Français : 

Les vélos électriques gagnent en popularité et on dirait qu’ils sont là pour rester. La popularité croissante des vélos électriques leurs permet de se développer très rapidement dans nos villes modernes. Même le fixie hipster le plus dévoué ne peut nier le chiffre croissant des ventes mondiales de vélos électriques. La Hollande, un pays déjà réputé pour son utilisation du vélo comme moyen de transport principal, a connu une augmentation spectaculaire du nombre de vélos électriques sur les routes. En 2009, les magasins de vélos néerlandais ont vu les ventes de vélos électriques dépasser celles des vélos standard. Afin de comprendre l’avenir des vélos électriques, il est important de comprendre les vélos eux-mêmes. En général, les vélos électriques se déclinent en trois styles différents l’assistance au moteur, assistance aux pédales et l’accélérateur électrique.

L’assistance au moteur est le mélange des trois styles, elle permet à l’utilisateur d’engager le moteur pour donner plus de puissance à la pédale, d’accélérer sans pédaler, de désengager le moteur et de rouler uniquement avec la puissance des jambes. L’assistance par pédale est le système le plus répandu et semble devenir le plus populaire. Le système d’assistance de la pédale n’engage le moteur électrique que pour aider le pédalier à donner de la puissance. La plupart des kits d’assistance à la pédale et des vélos offrent à l’utilisateur différents niveaux d’assistance par le moteur électrique. Les systèmes d’assistance aux pédales offrent une transition plus fluide entre les vélos traditionnels à pédales uniquement et les vélos à accélération pure, ce qui est révélateur de leur popularité. Les utilisateurs peuvent toujours sentir les avantages d’atteindre leur destination avec leur propre puissance de pédale, avec un peu d’aide supplémentaire. De plus, la plupart des systèmes sont conçus avec un bloc batterie amovible pour une charge facile, et le moteur réel se trouve soit dans l’un des moyeux de la roue, soit en liaison direct avec le système d’entraînement.

Le marché en croissance du vélo électrique influencent tous les aspects du cyclisme. Les options de vélos électriques sont de plus en plus nombreuses à mesure que de grands fabricants de vélos, tels que Trek et Giant, entrent sur le marché des vélos électriques. Pour beaucoup, les vélos électriques offrent la possibilité de se divertir, faire la navette entre la maison et le travail, et de visiter des nouveaux lieux. Tout le monde n’est pas un athlète et beaucoup vivent dans des endroits où la géographie ne se prête pas facilement à la pratique du vélo. Les vélos électriques ont le potentiel d’ouvrir le cyclisme récréatif et utilitaire à une population considérablement plus importante, telle qu’une personne qui rêve de faire la navette pour aller au travail, mais qui n’a tout simplement pas la forme physique ou qui a trop de collines pour s’y rendre. De nombreux parents qui aimeraient emmener leurs enfants faire une balade à vélo sont intimidés par l’idée de tirer une remorque pour enfants à vélo.

Je pense que nous verrons de plus en plus de personnes faire du vélo électrique dans le monde avec le temps, car les vélos électriques ne sont pas une menace pour le vélo traditionnel. Selon les rapports, on prévoit que d’ici 2023, 34 millions de vélos électriques seront utilisés dans le paysage des transports métropolitains. En Europe et dans la région Asie-Pacifique, les vélos électriques sont en effet largement utilisés pour préserver l’équilibre écologique de l’environnement et éviter une pollution accrue des moteurs de véhicules. Les vélos électriques soutiennent également le désir de résoudre les problèmes de congestion résultant de l’urbanisation croissante. En outre, les vélos électriques, utilisés en Europe occidentale et en Amérique du Nord, constituent également une tendance innovante, en particulier chez les plus jeunes. Les vélos électriques sont perçus comme une alternative plus pratique en termes de mobilité urbaine. L’utilisation croissante de batteries lithium-ion de qualité supérieure et abordables contribue de manière significative aux tendances du marché en matière de promotion des modèles de vélos électriques. L’augmentation du nombre d’usagers augmente également les règles de sécurité pour protéger les cyclistes dans les villes et autres régions. Ainsi, les préoccupations sont en forte hausse concernant les besoins simultanés en matière de planification urbaine, tels que les systèmes de transport en commun, les voies de circulation et les feux, en particulier pour les cyclistes électriques. Aux États-Unis, il serait de plus en plus utile d’informer les citoyens sur l’importance des énergies renouvelables pour un environnement plus propre et plus saine, non seulement pour les habitants de cette génération, mais également pour les générations futures qui hériteront de la terre.

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Today we present you interesting facts about bikes – all you definitely need to know, so read on!


First off all the term “bicycle” first entered into popular usage in France in the 1860s. But who is the bike founder? Although Leonardo da Vinci drew some rough sketches of a contraption that looked like a bicycle, the Frenchman De Sivrac built the first bicycle-type vehicle in 1690. It was referred to as a hobbyhorse. However, it did not have pedals. Those were added in 1840 by a Scottish blacksmith, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, who is credited with inventing the real bicycle. So far so good, but there is more you need to know about the bike, bicycle or velocipedes. What is a velocipedes? Before the word “bicycle” become popular bikes were typically called “velocipedes”. Maybe you have heard of the Penny-farthing before, an early type of bicycle that featured a front wheel significantly larger than the rear. The name comes from the old British Penny and Farthing coins which represent the large and small wheels. It’s enough history for a day.


Did you know that about 100 million bicycles are manufactured worldwide each year. There are roughly one billion bicycles in the world, about twice as many as motor vehicles and roughly half a billion of them are in China. Oh WOW! And another fact is that maintaining a bike annually costs twenty times less than maintaining and driving a car. So let’s take a bike more often! Also because the bicycle is the most efficient vehicle ever devised: a human on a bicycle is more efficient in calories expended per kilo and per kilometer than a train, truck, airplane, boat, car, or motorcycle. It is 3 times as efficient as walking. And it’s also a perfect way to save the environment. If Americans double their bike use to 2% of all urban trips, they would save 3.5 billion litres of gasoline annually. On a bicycle you can travel up to 1037 kilometres on the energy equivalent of a single litre of gas.


Cycling three hours or 30 kilometres per week halves your risk of heart disease and strokes. So if you ride a bike every day it’s only about 4,3 kilometers per day – easy! And for all the woman’s outside: Women who walk or bike 30 minutes a day have a lower risk of breast cancer. And in general a study of nearly 2,400 adults found out, that those who biked to work were fitter, leaner, less likely to be obese and had better triglyceride levels, blood pressure and insulin levels than those who didn’t active commute to work. Also an adult cyclist typically has a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger and a life expectancy two years above the average.

And last but least for all the helmet haters and hair fetishist outside: Helmets have been found to be 85% effective in preventing head injury. So always use a helmet!

So let’s be serious, what are you waiting for?

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Central Park Picnic!

Let’s be honest. The Central Park is the perfect spot for a picnic in the beautiful nature. You can watch the different animals playing around, the insane beautiful landscape, the numerous skyscrapers and you also have the unique Central Park atmosphere. And that’s exactly why Unlimited Biking offers a combination of biking and picnic. PERFECT!

First you can explore the whole Park with your Cannondale bike. It’s the perfect way to take a photo journey through Central Park and its sights. And after that a delicious picnic is waiting for you and your loved ones. The ever-wonderful Central Park Picnic is a perfect addition to any adventure, with the beautiful spreads that are an Instagrammer’s dream! Starting with our Central Park Picnic boxes and available for customization with a full spread. Mangia, a farm-to-table eatery serving rustic Italian fare, freshly prepares each of our picnic boxes.

It’s a fun way to picnic in style like a New Yorker! So what are you waiting for? Book your bike and picnic here: https://centralparksightseeing.com/category-tours/picnics-and-dining/

Unlimited Biking

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Unlimited Biking: The perfect FUN for the whole family

Biking is much more than just a hobby. It’s a lot of fun for young and old, especially in the green heart of Manhattan: the Central Park.
The squirrels are jigging around, people enjoying the the sun on a park bench or on the rocks and the whole mood is just cheerful. So the best thing to do is to take a bike and enjoy this atmosphere in the Central Park with the whole family. And where can you get a bike for every family member as well as a helmet and necessary things like that?
Yes, right from Unlimited Biking.

We from Unlimited Biking offers you womens and mens bikes as well as kids bikes. We also have baby seats and double trailers for the little ones. So we have a bike for every size and age and nothing can go wrong on your family bike tour.

For the equipment we supply:

  • helmets
  • full color maps with key attractions
  • baskets
  • bike locks

All provided free of charge with every rental. You need only provide the desire to explore! We offer everything you need to make your exploration of Central Park successful and memorable. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff can provide you with specific routes based on your personal needs and desires. And if you want to try something new, we also offer tandems. It is a great fun and you have to work together as a team, so maybe you should also try to ride a tandem with your loves.
Get your bike here:

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Explore New York City with Unlimited Biking

There are so many ways to explore New York City. But by foot it takes too much time to see all the highlights. The car is way too fast and you only see the sights for like 5 seconds. But we have the answer for this problem: Take a bike!

It is the best way to see and feel the atmosphere of all the famous spots of New York City and furthermore it’s healthy and a great fun!

You can choose between a bike rental and a guided bike tour. On the guided bike tour one of our experts shows you the best spots in New York City and explain the stories above the different sights. You can ask them every question – they always have an answer for you! We also offer the tour in different languages. You can choose between English, French, Dutch and Spanish. But we don’t over just normal bike tours. If you want to know more, you just have to read on!

For example on the Brooklyn Bridge bike tour the entire New York Harbor will be visible, including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Staten Island, the port of Brooklyn and several miles of the New Jersey coastline. The tour descend into Brooklyn, which means that you can see the New York City Financial District from across the river, followed by historic houses of Brooklyn Heights. Then the tour return over the bridge, to South Street Seaport.

We definitely recommend to bring your camera with you. We promise there will be spectacular views!

For all of you, who can’t get enough we also offer horseback riding tours through the beautiful Central Park in the heart of Manhattan.

Maybe now you think that we’re joking, but

NO! It’s a really unique and great experience. Nobody else offers horseback riding tours through the Central Park. It is a guided one hour tour for young and old. The route leads you to the famous Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, which is indescribable beautiful.

After all the bikes and horses it’s time for lunch or rather for picnic.

With Unlimited Biking nothing is impossible. You can enjoy a delicious picnic in the green heart. It is a 2-hour guided, private bike tour that includes a scenic stop for a picnic. This relaxed tour will give you the chance to explore the park’s conic spots. You and your loved ones can spend quality time together, enjoying the beauty of the park before stopping for a delicious bite to eat. Mangia, a farm-to-table eatery serving rustic Italian fare, freshly prepares each of our picnic boxes.

After all the food we are too lazy to cycle back by bike. No problem! You can take the pedicab!

Our guide will bring you back home save. On this relaxing tour you can see the gorgeous Central Park and our guide explain you everything you want to know. You can completely concentrate yourself on the sights and the beautiful Central Park.

Now you know our offers and special tours – we’re waiting for your visit! You are always welcome at our Unlimited Biking stores.


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