Ride an E-Bike: All the benefits

There are many reasons, why you should ride an E-Bike. Much people think that an E-Bike is just for old people but this is nonsense! An electric bike is so much fun and for people of all ages. Besides the extra boost, which you get with an E-Bike there are also other main reasons why you should use them. So read on!

First point is the physical health. This sounds weird, but no. It’s easy to explain: When you’re unhealthy, you end up spending a lot of time sick. And one of the reasons people get sick is because they have a lack of physical activity in their everyday life. By taking a bike or an electric bike to ride to work or school you’re getting the exercise you need to be healthy. And with an electric bike rather than a standard bike you won’t have to worry about showing up sweaty and disheveled. And it’s often a time saver. Use the bike lane to avoid the bumper-to-bumper traffic. Another thing is that you save money, because you don’t need to refuel your car so often.

Oh by the way, there is another good reason besides the savings on fuel. Actually you don’t have to worry about a parking spot anymore. The times where you accidentally park somewhere you weren’t supposed to or your meter runs out are over. With an E-Bike you only need a bike lock and a sturdy bike rack. And you can also save money here.

The next argument on our list is that you don’t need a gym membership. We all know the struggle is real – “should I go to the gym or maybe tomorrow or never?”. Yes this is the daily fight you may have with yourself, but with an E-Bike you can integrate the exercise in your everyday life. As we mentioned before, ride to work or school or to do the groceries shopping for example.

E-Bikes are good for the environment. This is another main reason, why you should use bikes or E-Bikes. Reducing carbon footprints and adopting a green lifestyle! An E-Bike reduces the overall pollution contributed by motor vehicles.


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Fitness Biking: All our tips to be the best biker!

Improve your physical capabilities thanks to fitness biking! Here are our best recommendations and tips:

  • Safety First!

Before your training, check the condition of your equipment. Install rearview mirrors. Be aware of the weather forecast. Carry a cell phone and your ID. Bring food and water. Ride with your friends, if something happens someone will save you.

Always wear a helmet and sports glasses. Ride in a straight line and at a safe speed. Be careful when you are riding your bike, stay focused. An accident can happen very quickly.

Stay visible at all time, use lights on your bike. Use also your bell to indicate your position. Be careful when changing lanes or when you want to override, look before you turn. Also be careful when someone passes you, keep your distance.

Don’t get distracted. Do not wear earphones to hear music. If you want to listen to music, choose a small bluetooth speaker that you can attach on your bike.

Keep your fingers on the brakes in case of an emergency. Use the rear brake and front brake always together at the same time. Always look ahead. Do not use your phone, stay focused on your physical effort.

Drive in the same direction as other vehicles. Obey all the laws of the circulation. Keep both hands on the handlebars. Pay attention to other drivers, and pedestrians.

  • The cycling diet

Eat more protein, free sugars, and carbohydrates! Consume the right amount of calories for your body. When you are cycling you burn a lot of calories. Be sure to eat enough! Eat several small portioned meals throughout the day. And avoid processed food. Eat good vitamins (Omega 3 and 6) and minerals (calcium, iron, zinc) to power up your body throughout the day. Drink enough water! Your body is made of 75% water so you must drink a lot to stay in good shape. 

Eat 90 minutes before you go biking, let your stomach digest. Energy bars and drinks are good during the efforts. For long rides we recommend you to eat more before and during the session.

After your ride, we recommend you to eat and drink. The first 20 minutes after the efforts are really important. This is the best time to eat. Do not eat to quickly and eat small portions but with high protein and calories.

  • Training sessions

Regular training allows your body to adapt and be in better shape. With the bike, you will work every muscle in your body. To continue to progress, you must continually increase the difficulty of the exercises. You should either go further or faster.

It should be known also that more frequent and short workouts are more effective than long sessions. So gradually you improve your fitness and you will then be able to do more without being exhausted. We recommend doing several daily workouts throughout the week. For example 1 training per day from 30 to 45 minutes.

Long sessions at a moderate pace are done to improve your physical endurance. You can also train on more steep terrain from 30 minutes to 1 hour, with alternating sessions with fast speed and moderate speed. This will strengthen up your muscles and will bring you more power for next training sessions. Intensive cycling training for 30 minutes is the final step! With the intensive training session, you will gain more muscles and develop new biking capabilities. Keep riding your bike daily and you will see the results! If you want to go further you can also sign up for bike competitions or book an intensive cycling course.

  • Rest!

Sleep is one of the most important part in recovery. Sleep enough, eight or nine hours per night. Do not watch screens at night, the light of the screens prevents you from falling asleep naturally, moreover, it damages the retina. Avoid also large meals near bedtime, digestion is more difficult with big meals. The harder it is, the more your body works. To sleep well we recommend eating small portions. You can take also several naps for 20 minutes throughout the day, naps are really good for your brain. It helps you to recover faster. For your wake, we advise you to wake up gently with a luminotherapy alarm clock. Light therapy helps your body and relaxes your mind. Having this type of awakening allows you to wake up in a softer way and be more relaxed during your training.

You can also relieve stress, with a massage or with Yoga and meditation. Active recovery is good for your body, you can do small exercises during the day to relax your muscles. Don’t forget to warm-up well before and after the sport this is very important!

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Electric and pedal assist bikes: the latest fad or here to stay?

In English: 

Electric bicycles are gaining in popularity and it looks like they are here to stay! The growing popularity of electric bicycles allows them to develop very quickly in our modern cities. Even the most dedicated hipster fixie bike cannot deny the growing number of the worldwide sales of electric bicycles. Holland, a country already known for using bicycles as its main means of transport, has seen a huge increase in the number of electric bicycles on the roads. In 2009, Dutch bicycle shops saw sales of electric bicycles exceed those of standard bicycles. In order to understand the future of electric bicycles, it is also very important to understand the bicycles themselves. In general, electric bicycles come in three different styles: engine assist, pedal assist and electric accelerator.

The engine assist is a combination of the three styles, it allows the user to engage the engine to give more power to the pedal, to accelerate without pedalling, to disengage the engine and to ride only with the power of the legs.
Pedal assist is the most widespread system and seems to be becoming the most popular. The pedal assist system engages the electric motor only to help the pedals to give power. Most pedal assist kits and bicycles offer the user different levels of assistance by the electric motor. Pedal assist systems offer a smoother transition from traditional pedal-only bicycles to pure acceleration bicycles, which is indicative of their popularity. Users can still feel the benefits of reaching their destination with their own pedal power, with a little extra help. In addition, most systems are designed with a removable battery pack for easy charging, and the actual motor is located either in one of the wheel hubs or in direct connection with the drive system.

The growing electric bicycle market influences all aspects of cycling. E-bike options are increasing as major bicycle manufacturers, such as Trek and Giant, enter the e-bike market. For many, electric bicycles offer the opportunity to have fun, commute to work and visit new places. Not everyone is an athlete and many live in places where geography does not lend itself easily to cycling. Electric bicycles have the potential to open up recreational and utilitarian cycling to a much larger population, such as a person who dreams of commuting to work, but who simply does not have the physical fitness or has too many hills to get there. Many parents who would like to take their children for a bike ride are intimidated by the idea of pulling a children’s trailer by bike.

I think we will see more and more people riding electric bikes around the world over time, because electric bikes are not a threat to traditional bikes. According to the reports, it is expected that by 2023, 34 million electric bicycles will be used in the metropolitan transport landscape. In Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, electric bicycles are widely used to preserve the ecological balance of the environment and avoid increased pollution of vehicle engines. Electric bicycles also support the desire to solve the congestion problems resulting from increasing urbanisation. In addition, electric bicycles, used in Western Europe and North America, are also an innovative trend, especially among the youngest. Electric bicycles are seen as a more practical alternative in terms of urban mobility. The increasing use of high-quality and affordable lithium-ion batteries is making a significant contribution to market trends in the promotion of electric bicycle models. The increase in the number of users also increases safety rules to protect cyclists in cities and other regions. As a result, concerns are rising sharply about simultaneous urban planning needs, such as public transit systems, traffic lanes and traffic lights, particularly for electric cyclists. In the United States, it would be increasingly useful to inform citizens about the importance of renewable energy for a cleaner and healthier environment, not only for the people of that generation, but also for future generations who will inherit the earth.

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En Français : 

Les vélos électriques gagnent en popularité et on dirait qu’ils sont là pour rester. La popularité croissante des vélos électriques leurs permet de se développer très rapidement dans nos villes modernes. Même le fixie hipster le plus dévoué ne peut nier le chiffre croissant des ventes mondiales de vélos électriques. La Hollande, un pays déjà réputé pour son utilisation du vélo comme moyen de transport principal, a connu une augmentation spectaculaire du nombre de vélos électriques sur les routes. En 2009, les magasins de vélos néerlandais ont vu les ventes de vélos électriques dépasser celles des vélos standard. Afin de comprendre l’avenir des vélos électriques, il est important de comprendre les vélos eux-mêmes. En général, les vélos électriques se déclinent en trois styles différents l’assistance au moteur, assistance aux pédales et l’accélérateur électrique.

L’assistance au moteur est le mélange des trois styles, elle permet à l’utilisateur d’engager le moteur pour donner plus de puissance à la pédale, d’accélérer sans pédaler, de désengager le moteur et de rouler uniquement avec la puissance des jambes. L’assistance par pédale est le système le plus répandu et semble devenir le plus populaire. Le système d’assistance de la pédale n’engage le moteur électrique que pour aider le pédalier à donner de la puissance. La plupart des kits d’assistance à la pédale et des vélos offrent à l’utilisateur différents niveaux d’assistance par le moteur électrique. Les systèmes d’assistance aux pédales offrent une transition plus fluide entre les vélos traditionnels à pédales uniquement et les vélos à accélération pure, ce qui est révélateur de leur popularité. Les utilisateurs peuvent toujours sentir les avantages d’atteindre leur destination avec leur propre puissance de pédale, avec un peu d’aide supplémentaire. De plus, la plupart des systèmes sont conçus avec un bloc batterie amovible pour une charge facile, et le moteur réel se trouve soit dans l’un des moyeux de la roue, soit en liaison direct avec le système d’entraînement.

Le marché en croissance du vélo électrique influencent tous les aspects du cyclisme. Les options de vélos électriques sont de plus en plus nombreuses à mesure que de grands fabricants de vélos, tels que Trek et Giant, entrent sur le marché des vélos électriques. Pour beaucoup, les vélos électriques offrent la possibilité de se divertir, faire la navette entre la maison et le travail, et de visiter des nouveaux lieux. Tout le monde n’est pas un athlète et beaucoup vivent dans des endroits où la géographie ne se prête pas facilement à la pratique du vélo. Les vélos électriques ont le potentiel d’ouvrir le cyclisme récréatif et utilitaire à une population considérablement plus importante, telle qu’une personne qui rêve de faire la navette pour aller au travail, mais qui n’a tout simplement pas la forme physique ou qui a trop de collines pour s’y rendre. De nombreux parents qui aimeraient emmener leurs enfants faire une balade à vélo sont intimidés par l’idée de tirer une remorque pour enfants à vélo.

Je pense que nous verrons de plus en plus de personnes faire du vélo électrique dans le monde avec le temps, car les vélos électriques ne sont pas une menace pour le vélo traditionnel. Selon les rapports, on prévoit que d’ici 2023, 34 millions de vélos électriques seront utilisés dans le paysage des transports métropolitains. En Europe et dans la région Asie-Pacifique, les vélos électriques sont en effet largement utilisés pour préserver l’équilibre écologique de l’environnement et éviter une pollution accrue des moteurs de véhicules. Les vélos électriques soutiennent également le désir de résoudre les problèmes de congestion résultant de l’urbanisation croissante. En outre, les vélos électriques, utilisés en Europe occidentale et en Amérique du Nord, constituent également une tendance innovante, en particulier chez les plus jeunes. Les vélos électriques sont perçus comme une alternative plus pratique en termes de mobilité urbaine. L’utilisation croissante de batteries lithium-ion de qualité supérieure et abordables contribue de manière significative aux tendances du marché en matière de promotion des modèles de vélos électriques. L’augmentation du nombre d’usagers augmente également les règles de sécurité pour protéger les cyclistes dans les villes et autres régions. Ainsi, les préoccupations sont en forte hausse concernant les besoins simultanés en matière de planification urbaine, tels que les systèmes de transport en commun, les voies de circulation et les feux, en particulier pour les cyclistes électriques. Aux États-Unis, il serait de plus en plus utile d’informer les citoyens sur l’importance des énergies renouvelables pour un environnement plus propre et plus saine, non seulement pour les habitants de cette génération, mais également pour les générations futures qui hériteront de la terre.

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