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Getting Healthy With Your New Electric Bike

Written by: Steel Masson

Electrically assisted bicycles, or electric bikes, are making cycle commuting possible for everyone. This comes at a time when many working citizens have started realizing the health benefits of active commuting as opposed to driving to work. As you probably know, cycling can improve your cardiorespiratory fitness and boost your psychological health.

But can electric bikes help you achieve the same health benefits as a conventional bike? The answer is yes. E-bikes might not be as effective as conventional bikes, but they are more effective in boosting your fitness levels compared to walking. And, of course, it is way better to ride a pedaling-assisted bike than to lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Electric bicycles are placed in the same category as regular bikes, so their registration processes aren’t too complicated. No license plates, no driver’s license, and no insurance. You just rent or purchase one at your local bike shop and ride it home; no questions asked. That makes them
more appealing than motorcycles.

That being said, here are 6 health benefits of riding an e-bike:

  1. It is low-impact, making it sustainable
    Everyone needs low-impact, low-intensity exercises. For bodybuilders, gym enthusiasts, long-distance runners, and other strength athletes who work out hard, transitioning from a high-intensity workout to zero activity, or vice versa, sometimes leads to torn muscles and other unwanted injuries. That is why they need low-intensity exercises, e.g. riding an e-bike, before or after an intense workout. For beginners, high-impact exercises such as running can wear you down or injure you, so you are forced to stop working out prematurely. You need a more sustainable activity such as an e-bike to help you ease into the exercise world. What’s more, motorized bikes aren’t as boring as other light exercises. They give you a pedal-assisted, effortless ride experience, it is more speedy, sustainable, and especially adequate for the demographic that is health-compromised from chronic illnesses, heart, and respiratory diseases.
  2. Boosts sleep

Just like conventional bikes, riding an e-bike and exploring nature can help you reduce stress, mediate your moods and emotions, and help you feel better. You are able to sleep better and fight insomnia as a result. So when you return home to your plant that uses led grow lights to stay healthy, you will feel blissful after riding your bike during sunlight. Bikers are less likely to wake up during the night compared to people whose only form of exercise is walking.

  1. They are good for cardio exercise

Riding an eBike is the cardio exercise you need to keep obesity, heart disease, and diabetes at bay. Although you are pedal-assisted, you still cycle and engage your whole body at it, and that is great for your cardiovascular health. You exercise your core, arms, and lower body, unlike driving where no body parts are exercised.

4. Encourages more cycling
Riding is fun, but it can be tiring. That is why not many people bike for long distances or on challenging terrains. With an e-bike, however, you are pedal-assisted so you are likely to push your limits a little further. You can ride for longer distances, get off the beaten path, and even cycle to work every day. Because you don’t sweat too much when riding an e-bike, you don’t even need to shower or change your clothes when you get to work.

5. It is a good confidence boost
There are many people who would love to exercise but aren’t too confident with their abilities, especially women and people in their fifties. They are intimidated by experienced bikers. Kids, on the other hand, might be reluctant to ride bikes for adults because of the fear that it could be more daunting. People recovering from surgery or a long illness can slowly start cycling again on an e-bike. All these groups need a little push, an e-bike, to boost their confidence in readiness for the real biking world.

6.They represent the future
The world is gravitating towards clean energy and other forms of energy conservation. Electric bikes fit that bill perfectly. They don’t use diesel or petrol, so they don’t contribute to climate change and global warming. And bearing in mind how costly petrol and diesel can be, e-bikes
preserve the environment and save you money. All you need is a conversion kit and a pair of affordable batteries to get your regular bike electric. These bikes will continue improving with time, becoming more and smarter, and that makes them very promising vehicles of the future.
Riding an electric bike is helpful in whichever way you look at it, particularly in terms of recreation and health. However, you need to invest in all the necessary biking protection gear when riding an e-bike. They can travel up to 25 to 45 km/h, which can be a little riskier than an ordinary bike.

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