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Unlimited Biking versus CitiBike: What’s the difference?

New York City’s bike share system, CitiBike, is a fantastic addition to our city. The program is an initiative to get more cyclists on the road and provide another facet of our public transportation system. Some of our customers have asked us about the difference between Bike and Roll’s bike rental and bike tour services and CitiBike’s bike share program. We hope the information below will help shed more light on the Unlimited Biking vs CitiBike question.

The most prominent difference is that CitiBike is priced for NYC residents and commuters who use their bikes daily for short periods of time. Members pay a membership fee, and are charged a usage fee if they keep the bike for more than 30 minutes. Bike and Roll’s prices are intended to offer the best price for full day bike rentals. And, every Unlimited Bikingl bike rental or bike tour includes a helmet, lock, flat kit and map.

Here are the main differences:

1. Prices – Unlimited Biking is actually now only $40 for the entire day, which is priced to be lower than riding a full day on a citibike, which could rack you hundreds of dollars.

2. Quality of bikes – Unlimited Biking carries all Cannondale, one of the top three brands in the world for bikes. Even the most simple hybrid bikes are of 21+ gears, more light weight, and in better condition than citibikes. Unlimited Biking also offers road bikes, electric bikes, and electric scooters as different options!

3. Catered towards families – Unlimited Biking carries baby seats, tag-a-longs, single/double trailers, wheelchairs (in DC), and all sizes of kids bikes, which are great for family riding!

4. Great for travellers / out of towners – We provide helmets, baskets/bike bags, and locks – great FREE add-ons with your bike rental that citibike does not provide. We also do not require downloading an app to rent a vehicle!

5. Long-term rental options: Unlimited Biking offers long term rental options – from hourly to daily to weekly to monthly, and very affordable rates!

So, Unlimited Biking vs Citibike? It’s like comparing apples to oranges. Both offer the opportunity to transit New York City by bike, but CitiBike is priced best for short-term use, while Bike and Roll is priced best for ongoing long-term use and is ideal for visitors to the Big Apple. For citibike, the best usage of it includes docking every 30 minutes, which as we know, is a huge hassle. Unlimited Biking rentals also include helmets, kid’s attachments, and locks for riding and stopping throughout the day, which CitiBike does not cater to.

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