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Top 10 Road Cycling Events in 2024 Ranked by USA Today

As cycling enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for new adventures on two wheels. Whether you have participated in numerous cycling events or you are dipping your toe in the water for the first time, there is an event for you in 2024. USA Today recently released an article ranking the top 10 road cycling events this year and we are here to share those with you, and for a few of them, give you insight on how you approach the event day stress-free! 

  1. Hotter’N Hell Hundred- Wichita Falls, TX

    Get ready to challenge your training and endurance at the Hotter’N Hell Hundred event on August 24, 2024, in Wichita Falls, Texas, where cyclists brave 100 miles in scorching temperatures. With various distance options available, including the iconic 100-mile ride, this event, established in 1982, attracts over 13,000 riders over four days. If you don’t have a bike for the event, Unlimited Biking provides a hassle-free rental experience, enabling cyclists to conveniently pick up bikes at the starting point and return them at the finish line. With complimentary helmet rental, safety is prioritized at no extra expense for riders.

    1. TD Five Boro Bike Tour- New York, NY

    Taking place on May 5, 2024 in New York, NY, this bike event is one you don’t want to miss! Cyclists of all ages and abilities come together for this 40 mile bike ride that is an experience to last a lifetime. Travel through all five boroughs of the Big Apple and enjoy traffic-free roads with iconic landmarks as your backdrop! Unlimited Biking, the official rental partner of Bike New York, offers a convenient rental service, allowing cyclists to pick up bikes at the starting point and drop them off at the finish line hassle-free. With complimentary helmet rental included, riders can prioritize safety without any additional cost.

    3. America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride- Lake Tahoe, CA

    Prepare to be in awe over the breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe, California this bike event has to offer. Join the inspiring fight against blood cancer on June 2, 2024 by riding either 100 or 72 miles around Lake Tahoe! This remarkable event has raised over $100 million to support the cause, showcasing the power of community and cycling in making a difference.

    4. El Tour de Tucson – Tucson, AZ

    Saddle up for this must-do cycling event in the scenic desert landscapes of Tucson, Arizona on November 23, 2024! With distances catering to all riders, including 100, 57, and 28 miles for the main event, as well as family-friendly options such as the 10, 5, and 1-mile FUN Rides, this event promises an unforgettable experience for cyclists of all levels.

    5) Tour of America’s Dairyland – Wisconsin

    Indulge in your love for cycling and dairy at the Tour of America’s Dairyland, an 11 day series of races held across various cities in Wisconsin. With an event every day from June 13, 2024 to June 23, 2024, there will for sure be one for you! With its fast-paced racing action and enthusiastic crowds, this event is a must-attend for competitive cyclists and spectators alike.

    6) Redlands Bicycle Classic – Redlands, CA

    Join cycling enthusiasts from around the country April 10-14, 2024 at the Redlands Bicycle Classic in Redlands, California. One of the longest-running stage races in American cycling history, its challenging courses and competitive fields attracts top riders and offer amateur cyclists the chance to test their resilience.

    7) RAGBRAI LI – IA

    RAGBRAI LI scheduled for July 20-27th, 2024 promises an exhilarating adventure across Iowa’s scenic landscapes. As one of the longest-running recreational bike touring events in the world, RAGBRAI attracts riders of all levels for a week-long journey filled with camaraderie, music, and unforgettable experiences. With the recently released tour route revealing approximately 434 miles spread across seven days, RAGBRAI LI promises an exciting and challenging journey. Need to rent a bike? No problem. Unlimited Biking offers a convenient rental service, allowing cyclists to pick up bikes at the starting point and drop them off at the finish line hassle-free and offers a complimentary helmet rental as well.

    8) Six Gap Century – Dahlonega, GA

    Test your climbing skills and endurance at the Six Gap Century, a challenging cycling event set amidst the rolling hills and lush forests of North Georgia running September 28-29th. With its six significant climbs ranging in elevations from 1,400ft to 3,460ft and stunning mountain vistas, this event promises a true test of grit and determination for cyclists of all levels.

    9) Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb – Gorham, NH

    On August 14, 2024, conquer one of cycling’s ultimate challenges at the Mt. Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb, “the toughest hillclimb in the US, if not the world”. Riders will ascend the steep and winding road to the summit of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern United States. With its punishing gradients and unpredictable weather conditions, this event is not for the faint of heart but promises unparalleled bragging rights for those who reach the top.

    10) Tour de Summerlin – Summerlin, NV

    Enjoy a scenic ride through the stunning landscapes of Summerlin, Nevada, at the Tour de Summerlin on April 20, 2024. With its 3 well-organized routes (80, 40 and 20 miles) catering to riders of all abilities, this event offers a fun and family-friendly cycling experience in the vibrant desert surroundings of the Las Vegas Valley.

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