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7 Bike Accessories That Keep You Safe Anywhere

When you want to explore more, and enjoy more, there is nothing quite like hopping on a bike to feel free from life’s daily stresses. 

Putting safety first creates the freedom to explore. True freedom requires confidence and peace of mind. And when hopping on a bike, that peace of mind is critical to helping you enjoy (and explore) a city, a mountain trail, or a neighborhood route to the fullest. 

Here are our 7 essentials for bike safety gear. 

Cannondale Quick Helmet ($60)

Helmets are at the top of any bike safety gear list, and for good reason. Wearing a helmet when biking can reduce the risk of head injury by more than 50%, according to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. And still, research suggests that people don’t wear helmets enough. On our bike rentals and bike tours, we offer complimentary helmets by Cannondale. One of our favorites is the Cannondale Quick helmet, which comes in adult and junior sizes. There’s plenty of ventilation — 19 air vents to be exact. And when it comes to adjustments, it’s as easy as a one-hand fix, the dial adjustment on the back makes it easy to tighten or loosen as needed. Other perks include its universal design (a one-size-fits-all) that is budget friendly.

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MSW Miniac Go GPS Bike Computer ($59.99)

Whether you’re a serious cyclist or a leisure rider, this bike computer offers the essentials of a cycling GPS computer. With its simple two-button operation and eight functions at your fingertips, you can track distance, speed, trip time, and more while on the bike. But more importantly, it tracks your route. In terms of safety, whether you’re mountain biking on remote trails, or hitting the busy streets for your commute, riding with a GPS is a great way to keep friends or family updated on where you are in case of emergency. Rechargeable battery offers up to 10 hours of runtime.

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Lezyne Tubeless Patch Kit ($19.99)

One of the most annoying things that can happen on an otherwise pleasant bike ride: the dreaded flat tire. And it can pose a threat to your safety if you’re out in the middle of the wilderness or stuck on the side of a busy road. With this compact kit, you get the tire reamer, insertion tool, and 5 tire plugs in a design that doubles as a handlebar. 

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Incredibell Brass Solo Bell ($12)

Bike bells are nothing new, but a crucial accessory for a safe ride. These days, you can have some fun beyond flicking the bell for that satisfying “ding.” Many manufacturers have upped their games with sleek and fun designs. We love the 33mm Incredibell for its more polished look, but for those looking for something more unique, choose from a range of shapes including hamburgers, beach balls, and even narwhals. It’s an effective way to show your little ones how safety can be fun too. 

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Cateye AMPP400 Headlight ($29.95)

While it may be a no brainer that you need bike lights on a nighttime ride, recent studies illuminate their importance for rider visibility in the daytime, too. The budget-friendly AMP400 headlight offers maximum side visibility, and an adjustable FlexTight bracket to fit your helmet. You get 4 light modes with this one — high, low, daytime, flashing — with up to 60 hours of battery life. You’ll get a low-battery warning when it’s at 20% so you know it’s time to hit the USB charger. 

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Reflective stick-on strips ($14.95)

One of the easiest ways to stay safe on two wheels is to use reflective strips. Turn it into a game with child riders, placing the stickers on your back wheels, shoes, helmets, and more. Each pack comes with 8 strips with your choice of blue, red, black, and purple. 

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Bike-Eye Frame Mount Mirror ($24.95)

For commuters and urban riders, a bike mirror is a great way to improve visibility as you zip along busy or crowded roads. If you’re not a fan of the helmet mirror, this is a great alternative. Made from highly durable ABS plastic and nylon, this side mirror easily snaps onto your bike frame with 360-degree rotation, in hexagonal stages. You’ll forget it’s even there, until you need it. 

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