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Architecture on Wheels: Explore Central Park By Bike

Central Park may have an overwhelming number of sights to see, but if history and architecture are your biggest passion you should definitely do the Architecture on Wheels Bike Tour with Unlimited Biking.

Led by an architectural historian, this tour features an in-depth exploration of Central Park’s architectural wonders, highlighting its symbolic and artistic elements. You’ll learn about the history of the landscape that shaped the design of the Park.  So if you ask yourself if Central Park is man-made? All the lakes and ponds in the Park contain water no different from your kitchen sink or bathtub. So it can be turned on and off. Central Park is designed to improve the public health and water features were a key component.

The Architecture on Wheels Bike Tour is perfect for people who wish to have a greater understanding of the era in which the park was constructed and those who have influenced its structure.

After years of debate over the location, the park’s construction finally began in 1857, based on the winner of a park design contest, the “Greensward Plan”, of Frederick Law Olmsted, the park superintendent, and Calvert Vaux, an architect. Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux beat out 32 competitors. The open contest was very specific: It had to have a parade ground, a principal fountain, a lookout tower, a skating arena, four cross streets, and a place for an exhibition or a concert hall. Olmsted and Vaux seamlessly designed a naturalistic landscape hitting all those notes: Sheep Meadow, Bethesda Fountain, Belvedere Tower, the lake, and the sunken traverse roads in the park’s center.

This sound interesting? If you want to know more, join us for a historic look of this beautiful park and its iconic landmarks amid modern Manhattan.

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