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Tips for Winter Cycling in New York City

December 1, 2013

Winter in New York City doesn’t mean you can’t integrate a cycling experience into your travel plans. What better way to see the City all decked out in its holiday splendor other than from the slow lane? Although it’s not high on most folk’s radar to cycle in the winter (except in sunny climes), it’s actually an invigorating way to stay in shape – and see the sites. But there are some preparations you should make. Just as sunscreen and cool clothing are to summer cycling, so are gloves, balaclavas, and toe covers to winter cycling – and the sunscreen on a bright, crisp New York winter day.

Velojoy also has a great Winter Cycling Guide

We found this great blog post on appreciating the cold weather season from the seat of your bike over at Downtown magazine. Although practically vintage now (it’s from 2011), not much has changed when it comes to cycling in the winter. Here’s a quick rundown of the key points, followed by the jump:

  1. Check the weather first, and avoid rain and freezing rain as it’s too hard to stay warm when you’re wet. Light snow can be spectacular but slippery.
  2. Start cold, not warm. Let your body warm up naturally as you begin your ride.
  3. Cover your extremeties – head, hands, feet, and eyes.
  4. Dress in layers to protect your core, arms, and legs, and choose lightweight items that are easy to remove and protect from wind chill.

Read the whole Downtown Magazine article here.

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