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Unlimited Biking is Now Open in Washington DC!

Washington D.C is home to some of the most noteworthy historical sites in all of America, which are not only well-known but are also great places to start an adventure! Have you ever been on a Bike Tour in Washington D.C? If not, Unlimited Biking is a great place to start – not only do we provide bike and segway tours day or night, but we also have eBikes that’ll give your ride an extra boost!

On a guided tour with our experienced tour guides, you’ll be visiting fascinating places and maybe even stepping out of your comfort zone on this adventure. Our tours generally take place on sidewalks, bike paths, and trails so they’re perfect for the whole family! Join us on a ride that will give you a great historical overview of the city and learn about the major sites around the National Mall and Capitol Hill, including the Capitol Building, Supreme Court, Smithsonian Museums, World War II Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and many more.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get going on this incredible adventure. Call us if you have any questions, comments and or concerns at: 212-749-4444



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