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Why You Need a Bike Share Program on Your Property

Learn why adding a bike share program as an amenity to your property matters more than ever. 

As people start to travel again, to go back to the office, and to flee the city for a more relaxed living situation, getting around is more important than ever. That is why now is the right time to get your property—whether it is a hotel, corporate campus, or living complex—into the micromobility space. 

As you read on, we will use the terms “micromobility” and “bike share” interchangeably, and explain why along the way.

In this article, we talk about:

What is Micromobility?

According to the Institute for Transportation & Development Policy, micromobility is defined as small, lightweight devices that operate at a speed of around 15 MPH, and are ideal for trips that last about 5 miles. E-bikes, electric scooters, electric skateboards, and bicycle share programs are common examples of the types of transportation and services that are under the micromobility umbrella. As an industry, it is still fairly young, with the term “micromobility” first introduced by an American business analyst named Horace Dediu back in 2017. As such, the industry is likely to evolve as more and more demand for these services continues. 

While the micromobility sector did see a dramatic decline in 2020—primarily due to the Covid lockdown—the industry on the whole is quickly recovering as a result of pent-up demand from consumers who want to go outside and enjoy leisurely activities at safe distances. Even with 2020 headwinds, the industry could still be a $300 billion to $500 billion market by 2030, as originally projected in a McKinsey Report.

How do I start a bike sharing program?

While there are plenty of convenient services out there already such as CitiBike, Lyft, and Bird, these business models are more focused on the technology, not the actual bikes and equipment. While there are advantages to creating a business model that gives consumers easy access to the bikes through an app, it also means these bikes are open to the general public, and with that comes logistics that can make it harder to maintain the bikes over time.

At Unlimited Biking, our micromobility services are focused on the quality and safety of our equipment. When you work with us, we implement everything for you, such as the bike stations, choosing the equipment that fits your clientele or employee needs, and the native app to bring it all together. 

Why should I choose Unlimited Biking’s micromobility services?

At Unlimited Biking, we are ready to work with hotels, resorts, and corporate campuses to meet these travel and transportation demands. We are the turnkey solution for hotels, resorts, apartment complexes, and corporate campuses looking to add reliable modes of transportation to the list of amenities. 

Unlimited Biking offers the end-to-end services for your exclusive bike share program. From custom docking stations to a consumer-facing app, you’ll be able to offer a high-quality bike rental experience that is exclusive to your clients or employees. 

Unlike other micromobility services, we are more than the bike provider. We are bike people. Which means you are getting the best bikes and scooters — and the maintenance and customer service to go with it. You provide the space, and we’ll take care of the rest in creating a memorable and fun experience that allows people to explore more, and enjoy more, with you.

Get started with us:

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