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Outdoor Fitness Biking THE NEW TREND!

The new sporting trend of the moment is the outdoor biking fitness!

Replace cycling in an indoor sports room for outdoor cycling. Choose Unlimited Biking and ride through Central Park or next to the Hudson River! Are you looking for outdoor fun and want to meet new people to do sports?

Unlimited Biking offers private or regular bike tours with an expert guide from New York City. Mix the sporting aspect with the cultural aspect and discover the city of New York during your sport training.

In addition, doing a sporty exercise outdoors is good for your health and the fresh air refreshes your body during the effort which allows your muscles to be more effective during an intense effort.

The outdoor fitness biking is really positioned as an alternative to traditional indoor fitness classes. Unlimited Biking is the perfect solution for you!

Practicing outdoor physical activity allows you to combine the beneficial effects of exercise with the contact of nature. Outdoor sport is good for the body as well as the spirit.

This helps to fight against the effects of stress.
Practicing outside physical activity, preferably in contact with nature, allows you to:

  • to oxygenate
  • stop stressing
  • to lower the level of anxiety.

To take advantage of this positive effect on the mood, just take out your bike or rent it in the Unlimited Biking shops, then go to a green area like a forest or, if you live in the city, in a park near you.

It’s good for your heart!
We know that having regular physical activity helps maintain your cardiovascular health. However, the benefit is even greater if you practice sport outdoors, in contact with nature.

It boosts your immunity
If you have asthma, outdoor sports in the mountains or in a green environment will also do you a lot of good. The fresh air is beneficial for the bronchi.

It improves your concentration and your motivation!
Cycling in a natural green environment allows you to build muscles, improve your sociability and even your memory! Outdoor sports are good for the brain at any age. In adults too, the contact of nature increases creativity. Finally, outdoor sports are generally more fun and more motivating than exercising indoors or alone at home.

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