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Afternoon Tea at the Whitby Hotel with Unlimited Biking

The best thing to do after a bike tour in the beautiful Central Park? Our answer is, visit the Whitby Hotel for a afternoon tea. The Whitby Hotel is near to our Central Park Sightseeing / Unlimited Biking: Central Park: 56 West 56th Street location – it takes you just a few minutes to get there. But be sure to reserve the table a few weeks before, because there are many many people interested in the this special experience. We drove there with our bikes. It was so fast and also easy to lock the bikes, as you can see.

Inside the Whitby Hotel the service staff welcomed us very friendly and let us immediately to our table. The ambient is so beautiful and stylish. But just take a look at the pictures!

But not only the ambient also the table with the cute dishes was perfect. Everything was so lovely and well served. We were definitely amazed and it’s getting even better after we saw the menu. A lady from the service team heartily welcomed us again and explained us the whole menu and it’s details.

We decided to take the “Whitby Afternoon Tea” as well as the “Healthy Afternoon Tea” so we tried the whole range. The Whitby Afternoon Tea includes: a turkey and cranberry sandwich, classic egg salad sandwich, dill smoked salmon sandwich, mustard cream cucumber sandwich as well as butter, white balsamic. And for the desserts: chocolate and peppermint cannoli, layered red velvet cake, deep dish pecan pie, cranberry upside down cake and scones with clotted cream and preserves. And the Healthy Afternoon Tea version is compared to the other one vegan as well as Gluten free. It includes: a chickpea and white bean sandwich, pumpkin and bean sandwich, vegan tuna sandwich, coconut and chickpea coronation cauliflower sandwich.  And here you have the following desserts: a maple and cashew cheesecake, chocolate panna cotta, peanut butter cake, morning glory cupcake, sweet potato frosting scones with cashew cream and preserves. And for the tea, we decided to take the traditional English Breakfast tea with an aromatic honey nose and a deep, malty finish.

And it was definitely worth it. From the sandwiches, the desserts to the tea – everything was so delicious and very well presented. We really can’t say what we liked best. The overall picture was perfect.

And then we also got a special surprise. The service lady came again to our table and invited us for a glass of Veuve Clicquot champagne. Another highlight on this amazing day.

As a resume we can say: No matter which version you choose you definitely have to try the Afternoon Tea at the Whitby Hotel. It tastes unbelievable good and the ambient as well as the staff team are incredible. As a tip: for 2 people one Afternoon Tea offer is enough. But you can also decide to take the leftovers home with you.

As a reward after the sporty Central Park Bike Tour it’s guaranteed worth it!

Unlimited Biking

56 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

(212) 749-4444

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