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Unlimited Biking: Bike Tour Along the Hudson River with Viktor Crazy

It’s Tuesday the 30th of October, one day before Halloween. That means the streets are full with Halloween decorations and stuff like this. Also the weather is very good these days. So we decided to do a bike tour along the Hudson River. But this shouldn’t be a normal bike tour – this should be a crazy one. Why? Because we’re going to meet Viktor Crazy for the tour. Viktor is a Youtuber and the godfather of pranks – therefore we’re very excited. We meet us at 1 PM at our store location 346 West 57th Street.

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We take the bike and ride to the Greenway along the Hudson River. We speak with Viktor about his life as a Youtuber and what he wants to do next. He says that he started 3 years ago with his Youtube Channel and the beginning was very hard. Sometimes you have to fall a few times before you succeed in the end. At the end of November he is going to live in LA, because he hates the cold.

Our route lead us to the Battery Park in the South. From here you can see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The view is incredible. We take a break there and enjoy the sun before we bike back to our store.

It was really a funny and interesting at the same time. We had a lot of fun with Viktor and he decided to take our bike for a few more days. If you also like to rent a bike, click on the link:

And at the end, we wish you all:

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